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NOTICE! The "CrossDress WebRing" is no longer accepting any more new sites BUT this is now the CrossDress "NetRing" and we are accepting site submissions. Since Yahoo took over the, I have found a new place to host a ring for Crossdressers, please read everything carefully before submitting. Thanks.

The CrossDress NetRing homepage is now sponsored by International Transgender Online Magazine and still maintained by Lisa James.

Please Read Everything Carefully before submitting your website to the CD NetRing!

Welcome! If you have a website devoted to, or about, crossdressing, Transgender or transexual issues and would like to have many more people be able to access your site then feel free to join us at the CrossDress NetRing! We are new but we hope you will support us and our goal to provide easy access for crossdressers throughout the world.

This ring is a small part of the where there are many, many more rings devoted to transgendered sites, so why one more? Well, we are devoting this ring to your basic heterosexual crossdressers, and those who love and support them (or not) and they need to have information about gender issues.

These CrossDressers may be married or single, with or without supportive significant others, but they all share the desire to emulate the opposite gender and want to be able to share with others of the same inclinations. They may dress once in a while, everyday, or may even decide to take (or have taken) the big step in a complete transformation of gender through sexual reassignment surgery (SRS), and they may need a place to go to get support or info.

We are NOT a Gay-Queer ring, Drag ring, TV sex ring or any of the outragous, in your face type rings available on the web, we're just a low key, let's explore our own little corner of the world, informational and confessional type crossgender ring. We welcome any CD/TG/TV/TS website to submit for entrance into the ring and we will visit each site to see if it qualifies for addition. We want anyone, even a shy mid-eastern 50something weekend closet dresser with a computer, to be able to get help and info from the members of our ring and feel completely comfortable doing so.

NETRING POLICIES! READ: We ONLY accept sites about hetero crossdressing and transgenderism and will reject, without warning, any site submited that has none of the content mentioned. We also do not accept money-making scheme sites or sites that have no CD/TV/TS/TG content. Also a new policy has been added, all sites applying to join the CrossDress WebRing must be of FREE ACCESS for webring visitors. This means that private or membership sites may not join the ring unless there is a way for visitors to access the site without signing up for anything to VIEW the site, but may ask for signing on to PARTICIPATE in the site such as posting messages on the site! If you don't understand this please email.

We DO NOT accept sites that have images of sexual nudity of pubic areas (You know what I mean) or outright nudity or sexual acts! We DO NOT accept sites of FETISH nature, ie: men in panties in bondage, ETC. We DO NOT accept sites with any banner links to adult porn or sex sites! DON'T BOTHER SUBMITTING!!! I'm sorry to be so verbal, but I get tired of going to check a site and it is not worthy of being in the CrossDress NetRing due to porn or non-crossdress nature, it is not our policy! We have ring owners who are still new to CD and have visitors who don't need to be subjected to this crap! Don't bother submitting a site with overt sexual content as we won't accept these sites!

How to Start?

Start by filling out the form available below and submitting it to us. You will then receive confirmation of your submittal along with a site ID number (write it down!!). Your site info will be entered into a holding queue and we will review your site and if everything clicks, we will send you an email about your HTML fragment that you have to add to your main webpage. When you've done that, you MUST send email to us informing us of the addition. Thank you and we hope that you may be a part of our little family!

Sites submitted must be mainly appropriate to crossdressing subject. NO overt sexual content accepted! NO pandering to minors allowed! Sites should be clearly marked as to containing CD/TG/TS/TV materials.

Start your submittal (Please CAREFULLY check your info for mistypings in your name, your email address or the URL of your site, I've had to play detective a few times to get a submission to work and it takes time to straighten them out, Thanks) HERE:

(Submissions with blank entries or no proper website URL address will be deleted from the queue!)

Submit your site to CrossDress NetRing:

PLEASE BE PATIENT! THE NEW RINGSURF.NET IS SLOW AND TAKES A SHORT TIME TO LOAD. When you click on the submit button on the form, DO NOT submit again, email me if you made any mistakes or have any problems.

WARNING: If you found an error in your information after you submitted, DO NOT submit again, email me and I'll correct the error from the webring management. Do not submit if you haven't read ALL of the terms above and below regarding acceptance of sites!

DO NOT ADD ANY CODES TO YOUR SITE WITHOUT AN ACCEPTANCE EMAIL FROM US! The HTML fragment we will direct you to must be added into your main page website HTML before we will be able to add your site IF ACCEPTED. It can be put anywhere on the main page (usually at the bottom) and you need to download or capture our button graphic or imagemap graphic and put them in the same home directory with the HTML for all to work properly or you could use our text HTML without graphic.

This is what your HTML Banner should look like:


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